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Tennessee's New Birding Trails Website

North Carolina is not the only state with a trail dedicated to spreading the word about birdwatching opportunities. Florida and Texas were pioneers, and many of our neighboring states have trails, including Virginia, Georgia, and now Tennessee.

The Tennessee Birding Trail includes all sorts of resources for bird-watching enthusiasts of all interest levels. Sites can be searched by region, species, seasons, or keywords. They also feature a beautiful gallery of birds submitted by photography buffs. For the species-counter, there's a list of recently-seen rare birds from eBird.

Like what you see from Tennessee? What do you love about the North Carolina website (check out our site map here)? Any new features you'd like to see? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or via email.


Basic Bird ID Webinar: March 18

The USFWS National urban Bird Treaty Coordinator will be hosting a public free webinar on March 18th from 2-3:30pm (EST) to teach the basics of bird indentification. From the annoucement: 

Want to learn the basics of bird id and how to lead a bird walk? This webinar will describe how to find and recognize birds. From an urban setting to a park or wildlife refuge, attendees will learn the basics of bird ID and how to find birds in their preferred habitats. Attendees will also learn the key elements to of basic bird id including the behavior, field marks, and calls and songs. We will also cover the basic tools of the trade and how to use them with a group on a field trip to watch birds and discover the top five tips for leading a birdwalk with children.

By the end of this webinar attendees will be able to:

• list the basics used to ID birds,

• identify basic habitats of common birds,

• recite the tools commonly used for leading a bird walk,

• recite the top five tips for leading a birdwalk with children.


Presented By: Alicia F King, USFWS National Urban Bird Treaty Coordinator

To Register for the Webinar:

1. Go to: https://doilearn.webex.com/

2. Enter the webinar title in the search box

3. Scroll down to find your webinar

4. Click the Register button to the right

5. Enter your name, e-mail address and company

6. Click register

Once registered, you will receive an email from WebEx with instructions on how to join the webinar.


What's That Small Yellow Bird? Merlin Can Help.

Feel like you need a wizard to help you identify birds? Ever wonder what kind of bird you saw, but don't know where to begin? Guidebooks can be intimidating, with hundreds of pictures and pages of text describing the nuanced differences between species. A smartphone app called Merlin can whittle down the big list of possibilities for your area and time of year using just a few simple questions like: What color was the bird? How big? Where was it (in a tree, on the ground, in a bush)? 

Usually, with these answers, Merlin can whittle your choices down to a few or even one bird! For more info, check out the video below (or follow this link), or check their website.