Rack Cards Available Soon!

We have received several requests for new brochures. The final version was sent to the printer earlier this month, and we should receive them any day now. If you are running low and would like a resupply, please fill out this form to request new brochures when they become available.

2011 NC Birding Trail Site Nominations Open!!!

Want to be listed as a North Carolina Birding Trail site?

We are now accepting nominations for new sites in any region (Mountain, Piedmont, or Coast) on the NC Birding Trail. If you are interested, please download the application and follow the instructions. Nominations will be accepted until August 1, 2011. The steering committee will evaluate candidate sites and announce new Sites by early 2012 and subsequently publicize them on our website.

Any questions?  Give us a shout!

2011 NC Birding Trail Site Nomination Form

Being Birder-Friendly: Birders are Big Business

This is the first in a series of short articles highlighting aspects of the Birder-Friendly Business/Community program.

One of the goals of the NC Birding Trail is to promote patronage of local businesses. To this end, the NCSU Extension Service (with help from Audubon NC and through a grant from the GoldenLeaf Foundation) developed the Birder-Friendly Business/Community program to help others understand and market to a particular segment of the tourism market: birders. Originally, this program was formulated as a 1-day workshop, but has since been discontinued. We are currently working to move the program to another format, but in the meantime, we will periodically post tips from the program.

So, why market to birders? First, some facts from the 2006 US Fish and Wildlife Service National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation:

  • 47.8 million US residents observed birds around the home or on trips

  • 19.8 million US residents traveled away from home to view birds

  • Over 71 million Americans spent nearly $45 billion (in retail sales) on observing, feeding, or watching wildlife in the US in 2006

  • In North Carolina, 2.6 million wildlife watchers spent $916 million; 1.6 million observed birds at home or on trips around the state

In addition, nature-based tourism is one of the fastest growing segments of the ecotourism industry.  North Carolina is particularly lucky in terms of birding, being ranked as the 6th most visited state in the nation. Because of North Carolina's diversity of habitats, over 460 species of birds occur here, from mountain species such as the golden-winged warbler to rarer species on the coast such as the piping plover.

In the next issue: Birders as Clients

If you are interested in becoming listed as a North Carolina Birding Trail Site, the nomination process is now open!

Golden-winged Warblers in Nicaragua

A recent article in the National Audubon Society Magazine discusses the importance of agricultural practices in Nicaragua to many of the migratory birds we see here in North Carolina (such as the imperiled golden-winged warbler).  It also features Curtis Smalling, a mountain region biologist with NC Audubon.

Getting Listed on the NC Birding Trail Website

We have received several requests to be listed on the NC Birding Trail website lately. Currently this is limited to those who have completed the 1-day Birder-Friendly Business/Community certification workshop.  Unfortunately, that program has ended, so we have begun discussions to continue the program in another format.  Please stay tuned for more information as we hammer out the details!

If you would be interested in participating in a Birder-Friendly Business/Community program, please submit your information and you will be contacted when more information is available.